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23 April 2014

FunDza has been named as WISE Awards Finalist! We're very proud to be part of the team.

19 April 2014

FunDza is now available on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, you can now read FunDza stories from the FunDza app. Be sure to share with your friends.

13 April 2013

It’s always great when our clients win awards, and we can bask in reflected glory. FastCompany selected FunDza as one of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education.

Technologies: WordPress, Facebook, PHP
12 September 2013

Our SASSI Apps now cover every major platform with native applications for each. We're live on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry's, old and new.

The must-have apps when buying sustainable seafood.

Technologies: iOS, Android, BB10 Cascades, BB Java
12 April 2014

SchoolReport is working with Section27 to investigate the delivery of textbooks to South African schools. We're conducting a survey on Mxit to discover where students have received their textbooks, and where they haven't.

10 March 2014

SchoolReport is through to the second round of the Closing the Loop competition.

Technologies: MXit, Go
2050 Pathways
20 March 2014

We've just launched the 2050 Pathways calculator for South Africa's 2050 Carbon Emissions and Energy future. Play with the model. Can you discover a green future for this country?

Technologies: Ruby, C, Go, Coffeescript
Google Earth
12 January 2014

We manage one of the only custom Google Earth installations in Africa for the South African National Roads Agency. We've just implemented a satellite image recoloring application to produce smoothly color-matched maps of the country from diverse satellite sources.

Technologies: Google Earth, C++, Python, Go
20 September 2013

ProZA helps you buy local, South African products. Enjoy the writing, discover awesome products produced near you, and be sure to buy the book: Happiness in a Handbasket.

Technologies: Go, Coffeescript, Sphinx
Share Price
21 June 2013

We've working on the SharePrice App on iOS and Android. We're doing routine maintenance and introducing some new features, but it's exciting to be working with trading front-ends again.

Technologies: iOS Objective C, Android Java for BB10
25 January 2013

The first Analytics framework for BB10, our SDK for BlackBerry 10 Cascades is live.

Analytics are batched and persistent, so they optimize for bandwidth, and are received even if the device doesn't have connectivity when events occur.

Technologies: C++, Cascades, Qt

We're working on a range of back-end solutions for iii. Importing data, creating reports, and writing plugins for Chrome to allow users to trade from any web page they visit.

Technologies: Python, C, Javascript